Sunday, 14 April

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Sunday, 14 April


At 9.00 a.m. I went to North Wenquan with Chen Qingyun, Li Dugong, Wang Dezhen and Tianjuan. We had breakfast at the farm. At noon we returned to Beibei. We had lunch at the Taotao restaurant and saw the so-called “Beibei Beauty”. Her beauty met the fame. After lunch as the car driver had not returned, we toured the Beibei Park and took a rest. After 2.30 p.m. I returned to Dushiqiao. I left Dushiqiao at four o’clock. At six, I arrived at the Round House in Chungking. Sun Fo told me he had invited Mrs. H.H. Kung, Madame Sun and Madame Chiang for dinner yesterday. After the dinner General Chiang came and they had a good talk. I told him about the call from Wang Chonghui. He immediately phoned Wang and asked him to come. Wang Chonghui said recently a certain friend of his told him that a female singer called Xie Jinlou (謝金樓) openly claimed that Wang Chonghui gave her five hundred dollars per month, and the photo of Wang taken with her was hanging in her room. Wang Chonghui asked me to look into the matter on his behalf. He really did not know her and they had not had a picture taken together. If it was the case that the photo was made by putting two negatives into one, this indicated that the lady had bad intentions. I agreed to investigate the matter for him. Therefore I immediately asked Deng Junyi (鄧君毅) to come to talk about it tomorrow morning. What he called an important matter was this thing. It was really laughable. Wang Chonghui also told me that it had been decided to appoint Shao Lizi as the Ambassador to the Soviet Union, and Zhang Pengchun (張彭春)[1] as Minister to Turkey. Yu Ming would succeed Liu Kai as a counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Britain.

[1] Zhang Pengchun(1892-1957) was a teacher and he had studied in Columbia University.