Friday, 12 January

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Chungking to Dushiqiao

Friday, 12 January


After lunch when I was about to go to Dushiqiao, Sun Fo suddenly asked me to go to his reading room, telling me that Ling Jidong was difficult to work with. He also said Ms Lan Ni befriended Mrs. Ling in Shanghai. Mrs. Ling wrote to Ling Jidong reporting everything. Ling Jidong showed the letter to all his relatives and friends in Paris, therefore Mrs. Sun knew about the matter and had a big quarrel with Sun Fo. This time when Ling Jidong returned to Chungking, he also said how close he was to President H.H. Kung, and the latter agreed to send him as the Minister to Turkey. Ling Jidong also said that Qian Yongming(錢永銘)[1] agreed to provide the money for his son to study at Edinburgh University. This was all untrue as Ling Jidong was quite unreliable. Sun Fo also said that Mrs.Sun cabled him that she would come to Chungking with Wu Yanzhuang(伍艷莊)[2], and the rooms would be inadequate. He had asked Ling Jidong to leave. I thought it was miserable for Ling so I immediately said I already had a home in Dushiqiao, also, because of my duties I could stay in Dushiqiao more. So I could move out and Ling Jidong does not need to do so. Sun Fo disagreed and insisted I should stay, and he also said that if Wu Yanzhuang came here it would be enough for her to take Ling Jidong’s room. I thought he was determined to ask me to stay so it was no good saying any more. In fact I had made up my mind to stay in Dushiqiao more and would not return to Chungking.

I followed Sun Fo, Yang Huari and Sun Qian (孫乾) to leave at 2.p.m. and arrived at Dushiqiao at 4.00. As Sun Fo blamed Ling Jidong using stern words (Sun Fo urged him to stay in the educational sector and not to proceed to the diplomatic and political spheres.) he did not come with us. In the car although I still looked cheerful I felt quite uneasy over the Ling Jidong matter. It was because although the matter was not related to me, I still felt bad that my friends faced things not of their choosing.

[1] Qian Yongming(1885-1958) was a wealthy banker and politician from Shanghai.

[2] Wu Yanzhuang was the daughter of Wu Chaoshu (1887-1934).