Sunday, 11 February

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North Wenquan

Sunday, 11 February


I woke early in the morning. I viewed the Jialing River scenery from Zhulou. The small boats traveled to and from the river. The view was so nice that I wanted to live here till I died. After having lunch at the farm we visited the park together, and then climbed to the mountain to visit the Feilai Pavilion. I also took many photos of Miss Jiang and the others.

At 5.30 I went to the Ganchen swimming pool with Tianjuan, Deng Zhaoyin,  Liu Shengyi and Minqin and taught them[1] swimming. We finished at 7.00. We immediately went to the Jialing restaurant. Cao Shuming treated us to dinner there. Tianjuan got seriously drunk. We returned to Zhulou XXX which made Yukun quite sad.

[1] Liu Shengyi and Minqin.