Saturday, 10 February

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Dushiqiao, North Wenquan

Saturday, 10 February


From 10.00 to 11.00 p.m. we had a Legislative Yuan meeting.

At 12.30 the President had treated us all to lunch. We had a good time. This was the first time the President had invited all the staff of the Legislative Yuan to join. There were 15 tables in total, and the restaurants in Beibei cooperated with each other to prepare all the food. Then we had a seated talk in the President’s room. Jiao Yitang and others mentioned the issue of the provincial system. It turns out that the President has chosen 7 people to study a proposal reducing the area of the province and they would be summoned by me. Before lunch Li Wenfan and others went to visit our dormitories. When he was in the President’s room he suddenly got the idea to compose a humorous poem. The last sentence of the poem said that a hut had become gold now. When Wu Shangying and the others read it they felt rather uneasy.

At 2.30 the President and others returned to Chungking. I, Zhaoyin and Tianjuan took rickshaws to Beibei and then a small boat. We arrived at North Wenquan Park at  5.30. Yukun, Jiang Fangling, Ma Xiuzhong (馬秀中), Liu Shengyi(劉聖依) and Minqin were waiting for us at the pier. On arrival we immediately went to Zhulou to take a rest then to the Jialing restaurant to celebrate my birthday. As I am having my birthday tomorrow, they celebrated here tonight in advance. We had a good time. Miss Jiang got seriously drunk.